ALLY Foundation Achievements

The ALLY Foundation has achieved remarkable results in the past ten years.  Our efforts to date have focused largely on policy initiatives and raising public awareness, particularly among practitioners, criminal justice stakeholders, and policy makers.  One of our most meaningful successes was assisting with the passage of Bill 1005, The Sexually Dangerous Commitment Law in Massachusetts.  With this one change in the law in Massachusetts we have had the opportunity to affect countless men, women and children and undoubtedly save lives.

This year the ALLY Foundation welcomed Kristine Herman as the Director of Policy, Programs and Operations.  Kristine comes to us as an attorney and a social worker with over ten years experience in the field of sexual violence, including assisting in the development, design and implementation of New York State's specialized Sex Offense Courts.  She has been an adviser for The ALLY Foundation intermittently for over eight years and is an integral part of the team at this important time in the organization's evolution.

Additionally, the ALLY Foundation has been a regular participant, contributor and keynote presenter in countless state and national Association for the Treatment of Sex Abusers (ATSA) conferences, authored numerous articles and policy papers, has been invited by members of the State Legislature to consult on the content of an Omnibus Sex Offender Bill, and was included the White House for the signing of The Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act, in which Ally was named, and presented subsequent legislative briefings on the barriers to the implementation of the Adam Walsh Act. 

Recently, the ALLY Foundation embarked on a new strategic plan that outlines our goals and is guiding our current efforts and resources.  We are reigniting our online presence with the hope of continuing to raise awareness about important policy issues (i.e. the failure of most states' residency restrictions and the lack of consistent use of risk assessments).  

We have just launched our new website, which we hope will help re-define the organization as a powerful force in the field of sexual offense prevention and management.  As part of our next phase of growth we are also creating a new Board of Directors to help usher the organization forward in our goals.  

Going forward the ALLY Foundation is focusing largely on the development of the ALLY Institute at RAND, which we anticipate will be the singular resource on evidence-based research and best practices on the subject of sexual violence.     

The RAND Corporation will house the ALLY Institute in its Safety and Justice Program and will have the benefit of drawing on RAND’s interdisciplinary staff of researchers with backgrounds in psychology, sociology, criminal justice, education, among others.  The ALLY Institute at RAND will provide a single source on relevant research and will be a critical advancement in the field of public health and human safety and the prevention of sexual violence.

The launch of the ALLY Institute at RAND will mark a significant step forward for the ALLY Foundation, and the collection and dissemination of evidence-based research will further and inform our policy initiatives - helping identify and prioritize critical gaps and needs in the field and educate policymakers and practitioners on meaningful solutions.

Proceeds from fundraising events held by the ALLY Foundation largely support core operational costs, website, social media and video design, and support research and development for the ALLY Institute at RAND.

It is important to the ALLY Foundation that our generous and loyal supporters know that they are appreciated and that the funds raised are helping to make a difference.  Please reach out to us for any inquiries about our fundraising and where the organization is going in the future at

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