Our Team

The ALLY Foundation core team is made up of a small number of full- and part-time staff and independent contractors. A larger number of dedicated supporters, tireless volunteers and generous sponsors give their time, talents and resources to helping end sexual violence in the United States.

Andrea Casanova
Founder and Chair

Andrea Casanova co-founded The ALLY Foundation in 2002, following the brutal murder of her daughter Alexandra Zapp by a repeat sex offender that year.  As Executive Director of The ALLY Foundation, Ms. Casanova helped pass Massachusetts Bill 1005, The Sexually Dangerous Commitment Law; worked with Senator Edward Kennedy's office to develop a centralized resource for best research and best practices regarding sex offense issues. Ms. Casanova has served on appointment to the Governor’s Commission of Sexual and Domestic Violence; secured unanimous acceptance by the National Lt. Governor’s Association for The ALLY Foundation’s Resolution to Advocate for Awareness of Pilot Sex Offense Courts; and partnered with Boston Municipal Court Department to develop a Sex Offense Court Initiative.  Additionally, Ms. Casanova has served on the Steering Committee for CSOM’s Comprehensive Approaches to Sex Offender Management grant and has presented at several National and International Sex Offense Treatment Providers conferences as well as serving as a media spokesperson on the issue of sexual violence and it’s impacts.  As Co-Founder of The ALLY Foundation, Ms. Casanova has been honored to receive several awards including the Children’s Trust Fund Annual Award, the Theo Seghorn Award from the Massachusetts Association for the Treatment of Sex Abusers, and the Boston Celtic’s “Hero Among Us” Award.  She brings more than a dozen years of experience serving on non-profit boards, as well as more than 20 years experience in the private business sector. 

Steven Stiles
Founder and President

Steve Stiles has brought his passion and penchant for innovation to the ALLY Foundation’s mission.  Presented with a wholly new field of information, he has researched the relationships between governmental agencies, existing non-profit business models, and the success of public-private partnerships.  He has also systematically sought out experts in various fields who deal with sex offenders, selectively identified venture philanthropists concerned with social causes, and started our efforts for a national awareness campaign.  Drawing on his 30-year entrepreneurial career in business, including real-estate development, investment and asset management, he has helped craft a practical vision of how we should organize to prevent repeat offenses.

Mary Chiochios
Director of Communications

Mary’s interest in multi-platform storytelling stems from her experience in various media fields including narrative film production, documentary creation, social and digital media strategy. She has collaborated on several crossmedia, online and mobile projects including an interactive mobile application for the 2011 International Special Olympics held in Athens, Greece. As the founder and co-owner of Chiochios Studios, a Boston-based production and post-production facility, Mary was intricately involved in the development, physical production, and post-production of new media, television, feature film, and corporate projects. Mary’s work has been broadcast on National Geographic, MTV, NECN, WGBH, and PBS. Mary’s feature film credits include: Sundance Film Festival’s Could Be Worse, Barstow 2008, Rendezvous In Samarkand and Stiffs, which was the first movie produced under the Massachusetts film tax credit law. Mary’s series credits include: The Next Big Thing, a television talk show interviewing leaders in the high tech world and Open Book Club. Her responsibilities included coordinating packaging and marketing efforts for domestic and International distribution. In 2008, Mary began serving as the Director of Operations for the Massachusetts Film Office where she has been instrumental in the procurement and facilitation of more than two dozen major productions shot in the Commonwealth, which brought the state over a billion dollars of direct spend.  Mary is a graduate of Boston University with a degree in Broadcasting and Film.

Fred Tolson
Systems and Technology Adviser

Fred Tolson is a survivor of sexual abuse and in 1990 founded Men Assisting, Leading & Educating (MALE), a nonprofit organization dedicated to healing male survivors of sexual abuse. MALE was the only national nonprofit organization that published a newsletter (Men's Issues Forum) dedicated exclusively to male victims of sexual abuse. It was distributed in 700 cities in the US and nine foreign countries. MALE provided the first national 800 number offering support and resources and was the first survivor organization to include victims and offenders in its mission.

Fred has presented at numerous national conferences and workshops about the sexual abuse of males and the treatment of sexual offenders. Fred was the editor of Sexual Crimes and Research and Victim Resources and Support for the Netscape/Mozilla Open Directory Project and is the author of "Be Silent No Longer", a booklet for adolescent male survivors.  He possesses extensive experience implementing and integrating technology systems, and is highy proficient in multiple IT systems relating to non-profit management and communications.

Now retired, he was the managing partner of Sexual Offense Resource Services, LLC, an intensive outpatient and Containment Treatment program for adult sexual offenders. In 2007 he founded Economic Offense Treatment Services, LLC, an agency that partnered with judicial professionals to become facilitators of a system that aims at offender accountability and reparation to victims of economic crime. In 2008 he was the co-founder of Offender Technologies, LLC, which provides unique biometric and other solutions for the management and monitoring of various offender typologies for diverse stakeholders.

Fred served on the advisory board of Stop Prison Rape, a national organization dealing with rape in confinement and the board of directors of the Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault. He was the President and served on the MaleSurvivor Board of Directors from 1998-2001. In 2004 he was appointed to the Colorado Sexual Offender Management Board and he was the recipient of the 2001 Fay Honey Knopp Memorial Award in recognition of his contributions to the field of male sexual victimization treatment and knowledge.

Jenna Barnes
Event Development

Jenna Barnes is a premier event director and hospitality specialist. After graduating from the Lundquist College of Business at The University of Oregon, she got her start at Altus Marketing & Management in Boston, MA where she aided as a critical planner in several high profile celebrity charity events. In March of 2011, Jenna went out her own and held dynamic consulting roles with several clients. She acted as premium hospitality & sponsor support for The J Class Association in it’s inaugural and highly touted race event in Newport, RI as well as exclusive lifestyle events hosted by BMW. Jenna continues to host international events with lifestyle clients including The International SeaKeepers Society and Vintage Yachting Club through her company, Established Events.

Since joining the ALLY team in May of 2011, Jenna has been an instrumental part in the Foundation’s events team. She managed both the 1st & 2nd annual ALLY Golf Tournaments, the 8th annual Newport Gala, and chaired the 9th & 10th annual Flip Flop Regattas. Now hard at work on the 2013 slate of ALLY events as well the fundraising campaign for the ALLY Institute at RAND, Jenna is thrilled to be a part of the ALLY Foundation team as it looks to a new decade and embarks on the latest exciting path towards the Foundation’s mission.

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