The Hare and the Tortoise: Aesop’s Fable…ALLY’s Story


The ALLY Foundation wants to thank you for all your years of support and let you know how much we appreciate your continued support.  Our quiet work would not happen without you.

Supporters often ask, where does our money go?” Fair question; deserves an answer.  I hope that this brief explanation will help illustrate our impact.

Not all non-profits have visible community outreach programs…but we will!

Our mission reads, "Ending Sexual Violence Through Science And Innovation."

Frequently sexual offense laws are based on high profile crimes…an emotionally driven law is passed, and while it “feels good”, it does not increase our safety and in many cases, diminishes it.

This waste in human and fiscal resources is overwhelming, painful and costly.

Our work intends to change the model of how laws are created and implemented.  It is a slow, purposeful and incremental process. 

The fact is that so many laws are not based in vetted research and proven practices.  A rich cross section of excellent research and proven practices exist in this field. However it is not housed in a single location for access by legislators, researchers, the media and we, the public.  We are working to establish a resource for all of us to draw accurate information from.  We need to Beta test laws and procedures before carelessly sending them out to a trusting public.

This practice is supported by practitioners in the field and some legislators.


The ALLY Foundation has passed a pivotal law known as The Sexually Dangerous Person Law. Simply said, it provides confinement for prisoners who have completed their sentences, yet are too dangerous to release to the community.  It has been very successfully implemented and would have saved Alexandra's life.

We co-founded a national Sex Offender Management Collaborative to facilitate the exchange of current information among jurisdictions in all 50 states for law enforcement, treatment providers, legislators and researchers….very successful.


There is no “central library”…no single location housing all the research and best practices relevant to sexual violence.  We need to raise $300,000 to open the doors to such an institute.  We are currently working with RAND Corporation. This is a toxic topic, most people don't want to support it. Frankly, it is difficult to develop an affinity for sexual violence…people believe that it will never touch them.  We need an Elton John figure for the prevention of Sexual Violence…someone who is willing to take it to a more visible level.   

We work in Massachusetts with the Legislature on efforts to change laws on sexual violence and it is very slow work…it is like reporting on a turtle race.  You know who won that race.

Our Event Awareness is driven by the mission to educate and change how people view Sex Offense legislation so that we can implement laws that actually work and are based in research and proven best practices from all around the world.

In the last year we have gained the extraordinary pro bono support of McDermott Will & Emory, Nixon Peabody and O’Neill and Associates….we are blessed.

100 % of your support goes to this mission.  We have a small, devoted staff and volunteers.  Steve and I are full time with no compensation…and wouldn’t change anything except the pace of progress.

The morals of this story are:

There are no silver bullets…

Fast doesn’t mean it works

Never never never give up.  -Winston Churchill




Preventing Sexual Violence Through Science and Innovation
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