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Colleges often reluctant to expel for sexual violence — with U-Va. a prime example
DECEMBER 18, 2014
As growing numbers of students report sexual violence, those who seek justice through internal channels at colleges are learning that even when allegations are upheld, school officials are often...
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How Bystanders Can Help Put A Stop to Sexual Violence
JULY 31, 2013
Jennifer Messina ’93, a clinical psychologist and expert in trauma and recovery from violence, is helping Dartmouth implement a program called the Dartmouth Bystander Initiative (DBI), as the...
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Swarthmore Outlines Changes to Combat Sexual Violence
JULY 31, 2013
Swarthmore College will hire an advocate for victims of sexual violence on its campus as part of a wide-ranging response to an outside consultant's report on its handling of assaults.
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UNC Faces Federal Investigation Into Retaliation Complaint By Sexual Assault Survivor
JULY 09, 2013
Gambill's case gained national attention after she reported a sexual assault to the school and was later charged with a school honor code violation.
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Sexual Assaults Mishandled At Dartmouth, Swarthmore, USC, Complaints Say
JUNE 03, 2013
When University of Southern California student Tucker Reed was sexually assaulted in 2010, she turned to school officials. But instead of helping to bring her justice, she said, their
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College Sexual Assault Survivors Form Underground Network To Reform Campus Policies
APRIL 02, 2013
Annie Clark's wall is covered with notes and news clippings about people who, like her, resent how their school responded to their sexual assault.
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