The ALLY Foundation works to end sexual violence by advancing evidence-based research, best practices, education, prevention and awareness.

The ALLY Foundation has partnered with the RAND Corporation—one of the nation’s leading research institutions dedicated to conducting evidence-based research to inform public policy—to support research and analysis on sexual violence. Housed in RAND’s Safety and Justice Program—and drawing on RAND’s interdisciplinary staff of researchers with backgrounds in psychology, sociology, criminal justice, education, among others—The ALLY Institute at RAND will provide a single source on relevant research to address and help end sexual violence.

The ALLY Foundation and the ALLY Institute at RAND will build evidence that contributes to best practices to eradicate sexual violence, and catalyzes innovation and informed responses to this complex problem. There is no single resource on best practices for addressing sexual violence, from primary prevention through management in the community.   The ALLY Institute will be the first evidence-driven center of its kind that could lead to new insights and understandings about human safety and sexual violence.


Ending Sexual Violence Through Science and Innovation
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