Evidence Based Strategies

At the core of the ALLY Institute at RAND is the Research and Resource Center of Evidence-Based Strategies.  The Resource Center is the Institute’s initial priority, with the information developed by the resource center informing the work of policy and legislative Initiatives and informing The ALLY Foundation’s public awareness and public education campaigns. The goal of the Resource Center is to review programs aimed at reducing sexual violence to determine effectiveness at achieving these goals, by providing a centralized source for collecting and disseminating evidence-based research and scientifically proven best practices on sexual violence prevention and intervention strategies.  This includes continuously updated research analysis and summaries of programs and practices to reduce and prevent sexual violence.  The ALLY Institute will serve as a hub that can help move the field forward along research areas across the continuum—distributing evidence-based results in specific formats for different audiences, with sections for researchers, policymakers, and community members that match their needs.

Preventing Sexual Violence Through Science and Innovation
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