Measuring Impact

The ALLY Foundation, through advancing the work of the ALLY Institute at RAND, measures the impact of current legislative and programmatic approaches to ending sexual violence.

The Research and Resource Center of Evidence-Based Strategies is the ALLY Institute at RAND’s initial priority. The goal of the Resource Center is to review programs aimed at reducing sexual violence to determine effectiveness at achieving these goals, by providing a centralized source for collecting and disseminating evidence-based research and scientifically proven best practices on sexual violence prevention and intervention strategies.

Another critical tool provided by the ALLY Institute to measure the impact of legal interventions and outcomes is the Sexual Violence Incident and Case Study Database. The goal of this database is to develop and establish a centralized source of information on sexual violence incidents, which will include both quantitative and qualitative data. The quantitative database will compile data on incidents that can be plotted across geographic areas to support research in preventing and managing sex offenders and addressing the problem of violent crime. The qualitative database will compile detailed information about specific cases to provide information to illustrate best practices and lessons learned in the handling of cases to help policy makers and practitioners determine programmatic and resource needs.  

Ending Sexual Violence Through Science and Innovation
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